Welcome to the Student Support Team Association for Georgia Educators

    President’s Message

    In 2006, I became an Assistant Principal at the high school level, and one of my first job responsibilities was to implement Response to Intervention (RTI) as part of the school’s Student Support Team (SST) process.  In those early days, I struggled to find information on RTI, and what I did find wasn’t applicable to life in a high school.  My efforts to create a tiered system of supports at that high school were aided by a small group of people who cared about students and meeting their needs.  We didn’t know if we were doing it “right,” but we worked together to look at data, find students who were floundering, and provide some additional help for them.  When the entire school chose to implement an intervention time each day, our efforts took off, and we didn’t even really call it “RTI.”  It was doing the right thing for students.

    In 2012, I became the RTI-Assessment Coordinator in Madison County, and walked into a well-established RTI framework, especially at the elementary level.  Today, I continue to serve Madison County as the Student Services and Data Director.  The knowledge that I have gained from a K-12 perspective has allowed me to understand why the same RTI that fits the elementary school must be adapted to the secondary level,   Madison County is proud to be the 2013 SSTAGE STAR Award winning system, and we are proud of Comer Elementary School for being a 2016 recipient of the SSTAGE STAR Award at the elementary level.

    I believe in the RTI framework, or the Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS), as a school improvement process.  When we use data and apply a problem-solving mindset geared toward meeting the needs of all students, amazing things begin to happen.  When we allocate our resources based on what data is telling us about student needs, we can begin to serve students better.  The SSTAGE organization reminds me of that small band of people that I worked with at the high school level.  They are committed to doing the right work to meet students’ needs.  What’s even better, they are a group with a wealth of professional and practical knowledge about how to implement a framework of supports for students.

    As I begin this year serving as the President of SSTAGE, I am honored and humbled to lead an organization that strives, and has from the beginning, to help educators better meet the needs of students.  SSTAGE is committed to spreading the word about effective and proven school improvement through the implementation of RTI/MTSS.  I invite you to join us at our  conferences this year, as we continue to collaborate on implementing systems of support and school improvement for all of Georgia’s students!

    With warmest regards,

    Amanda Sailors
    SSTAGE President

    Student Services and Data Director
    Madison County School District


    We appreciate and invite your active membership in our SSTAGE organization.