Welcome to the Student Support Team Association for Georgia Educators

    President’s Message

    Several years ago, I began a journey that would lead to a destination I never thought possible.  When I was a new assistant principal, I learned of a process that would help identify and support the academic and behavior needs of all students.  That seemed like an impossibility at the time, but the idea that we could meet the learning and behavior needs of all students intrigued me and I wanted to know how it could be accomplished.  Fortunately, our district RTI leader at that time was Debbie Rondem (the individual for whom the SSTAGE Debbie Rondem Award for Outstanding Leadership was named).   Through her leadership, I learned about  RTI and began collaborating  with district leaders to identify appropriate tier interventions for the Response to Intervention process. In our middle school, we selected interventions for each tier and developed some rather creative scheduling so students could access supports.  We initiated universal screening and progress monitoring, and regularly- scheduled RTI meetings.  Before long, our school team was invited to present at the SSTAGE Promising Practices Conference!  It was this journey, this practice with fidelity and the continuous problem solving using data that led to Little Mill Middle School receiving  the SSTAGE STAR Award for Secondary Schools in 2011.  Since that year, I have had many opportunities to speak to other schools, systems and individuals about the practice of RTI and the importance of finding effective solutions that match student needs.  As I begin my journey as President of SSTAGE, I am committed to our association’s continued efforts to spread the word about effective RTI practices through our professional learning events, resources, and collaborations with organizations and agencies that share this goal and endeavor.  And as a board, we are pleased to recognize Georgia districts and schools for their RTI and MTSS practices and improved student performances, and we hope more schools and systems will consider sharing their successes at our Promising Practices Conference in January.

    With warm regards,

    Cheryl Riddle
    SSTAGE President

    Principal of Liberty Middle School
    Forsyth County Schools


    We appreciate and invite your active membership in our SSTAGE organization.